Loving Yourself

How do I love myself?

Long ago, Jesus taught us to love others as we love ourselves. Since then we have struggled to decipher exactly what he meant by that.

Typically, people run into trouble on both ends of that spectrum. Either they love themselves too much, so that they don’t care at all about other people, or they hate themselves so much that they can’t find anything to love in anybody else.

Loving yourself in the right way seems to be the key to loving others. But how exactly do we figure out how to love ourselves?

7 Helpful Hints on Loving Yourself

People who love themselves take care of themselves. This puts them in the right place mentally and physically to be able to care for others. So how does this translate into action?

Try finishing this sentence:
“People who love themselves properly will… “

1) Take care of their bodies – This means eating properly, getting enough exercise, sleeping well, and all those other things your mother nagged you about.

2) Care for their appearance – Taking care with your appearance, practicing good grooming, and wearing clean clothing sends the message to the world that you care about yourself.

Looking good is also a gift to those around you. Wouldn’t you rather give them the best you to look at instead of the worst you?

Caring for your appearance is a matter of courtesy.

3) Care for their homes – You might think it doesn’t matter to you, but if you make the bed every day, clean the kitchen, and do a general tidy up before bed, you will feel better about yourself and feel better about welcoming others into your home.

4) Manage their money wisely – Have you noticed how all these traits seem to work together? Love yourself and you will want to take care of yourself financially.

If you manage your money well, you will have something to share with others in need.

5) Value friends and family – A loving family and good friends can be the best assets you have in life. When you love yourself, you will cultivate these relationships by staying in touch with those who matter the most.

6) Learn how to forgive – Nobody is perfect. Just as there are times you will need to forgive others, there will be times when you mess up and need to forgive yourself.

Cultivate a forgiving heart and it will be easier for you to love yourself and others, too.

7) Find purpose in life – People who love themselves in the right way will include loving others as part of their purpose in life.

Even in the business world, you can’t make money unless there is someone else who is willing to give it to you. We need each other to be successful and thrive in this world.

People who love themselves reflect their need for others in their goals and dreams. If you truly love yourself, you will not be able to stop yourself from loving others.

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