How to Know If You Are Ready for Marriage

Do You Think You’re Ready to Get Married?

Have you found that special someone and do you think you might be getting to the point where you feel marriage is in your future? It can be exciting to move from a casual relationship into one that is clearly headed somewhere, and from there to take the next step into marriage. It is important to know if you are ready for marriage, and there are some definite signs you’ll want to look for.

Here are some signs that you and your significant other could be ready to tie the knot sometime in the near future.

7 Helpful Hints on How to Know If You Are Ready for Marriage

1) You Are Both Mature Adults – If you are wondering if you are too young to get married, you probably are. If people around you, especially your parents, tell you that you are too young to get married, you probably are. Marriage is a big responsibility at any age, so make sure that you have had some experience with being responsible before you say “I do.”

2) You Have Counted the Cost – And not just the cost of the wedding! Are you financially stable? The old rumour used to be that two could live as cheaply as one. It’s pretty doubtful that this was ever true, and it certainly isn’t true now. There are a lot of expenses involved in maintaining a household, so do your homework well. Financial stress puts a heavy burden on relationships, so make sure that you are in good financial shape and can afford the life you want together.

3) You Appreciate the Person You Are With – This is not the same as loving the potential that your mate has. It is necessary that you love the person you are in a romantic relationship with today, and not just the idea of who that person could become some time in the future. Too many people get married to someone they intend to change. You need to love the person you are with to the point that if they never changed, you would still desire to be with them.

4) You Both Talk about Your Future – Is one of you steering the conversation towards heavier matters while the other seems determined to keep things light? This is a sign that the relationship may be one-sided. If one partner is putting more time and emotion into the relationship than the other, you may not be ready yet as a couple to head towards marriage.

5) You Have Had Heavy Discussions – It is unwise to marry someone you have never had a true conflict with. Yes, it is preferable to have a mate who you get along with more often than not, but if you have never worked through any tough issues then you may not be ready for marriage.

Marriage is a serious step, and you will want to discuss the heavy matters of your lives with each other before embarking on it. Marry someone you know deeply, rather than waiting and hoping that you end up liking the person you didn’t spend time getting to know before the wedding day.

6) You Agree in Major Areas – Variety is the spice of life, and opposites definitely attract, but be sure to find someone who you can agree with on the big issues. Yes, you will hopefully have different personalities and varying interests, but if you are polar opposites in areas that matter such as religion, money matters, and major life choices, there could be serious clashes.

If you have always dreamed of having a large family and your significant other is determined not to become a parent, it would be wise to continue discussing the issue until you have made a compromise.

7) You Maintain Your Individuality – Ideally, you will love being together as a couple, but maintaining yourself as an individual is important as well. If you are no longer at the stage where you must be with your partner every moment of the day, you may be coming to a point where your relationship is maturing. If you can enjoy each other, but still enjoy your own company, it is a good sign.

There are many questions a couple can ask themselves in order to find out whether they are ready for marriage or not. The ones mentioned will give you a good indication as to whether you are ready to take your relationship to the next level. Study the checklist and determine whether you as a couple might be ready to get married.

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