How to Boost Your Energy

Feeling energized is an important factor in being able to accomplish everything you need to, so knowing how to boost your energy levels is an important skill to master.

When you’re tired, it can make the minutes drag out and make you feel incapable of getting anything done. So what should you do when you just feel exhausted, and want to get rid of the feeling? Take a look at the following list and see if you can’t find ways to feel better within moments.

7 Helpful Hints on How to Boost Your Energy

Drink Some Water

The first thing to do when you feel tired and need an energy boost is fill a glass of water and drink it. Being dehydrated causes your volume of blood to drop, whereby your body must work harder than usual to supply your cells with oxygen. Dehydration can also cause many other problems that will in turn bring feelings of sluggishness and lack of energy.

Get Moving – Exercise

When you are tired, you most likely do not want to get up and expend any more energy. It may seem counter-intuitive to purposely use more energy when all you want to do is save what you have. Exercise, however, is one of the best ways to give you that boost.

Exercise increases blood flow throughout the body and brings oxygen to every part of it. Exercise also releases endorphins, which make us feel good. Feeling overtired is not pleasant, and this “feel-good” chemical can give us the emotional boost we need in order to accomplish the task at hand.

Eat Good Food

In an era where losing weight is the goal for so many people, we often forget that eating is not the enemy. If you are feeling fatigued, your body may be undernourished and in need of nutrients and calories. Choose a healthy snack such as fruits and vegetables. These have carbohydrates which are a primary source of energy for our bodies. A carbohydrate with some protein is a good match as it will give you instant as well as long-term energy.

Soak Up Some Sun

Sunshine is nature’s way of spoiling us. The sun is a mood enhancer and is necessary when trying to ward off seasonal affective disorder, which is related to darker days and a lack of sunlight. Sitting in the sun for ten minutes is one of the best ways a person can recharge and bring back their energy.

Many people, especially those who don’t live in the tropics, are deficient in vitamin D. Low levels of D can make you feel sluggish and depressed. So get outside in the fresh air and sunshine! Also consider that perhaps vitamin D supplements could help.

Get Enough Rest

When you are feeling fatigued, your body may be crying out for rest. When you are not getting a proper night’s sleep, every part of you will be affected in a negative way. An average adult should aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night for maximum health benefits and energy levels.

When you cut your sleep short, your body is unable to recover and prepare for the next day and you will end up feeling overtired and sluggish. If it is the middle of the day, try taking a quick nap and see if it gives you the “pick-me-up” that you need.

When you are well rested, everything feels easier. It is easier to work, easier to get along well with others, and easier to be productive.

Get Inspired

Take some time to feed your soul and get the inspiration that you need to face the day. Spend some time in prayer and meditation before you rush out of the door in the morning. Read a passage from the Bible or some other motivational book.

Remind yourself every day of the amazing potential that you have as a unique person, a child of God. Use an inspirational desktop wallpaper from to give your mood a boost when you fire up your computer. There is a range of colors and styles to choose from and they are free. You just need to know the size of your computer screen, and there are instructions for installation.

Get Around People Who Energize You

We all have a sense that certain people drain us and other people energize us. Be sure to spend some time with people who lift you up, encourage you, and inspire you to be all that you can be.

The next step is to make sure that you, yourself, are the kind of person who energizes others. When you get a pile of these energizers in a room together, the effect is truly electric!

There are many ways you can get that natural boost and find the energy you crave. If you are feeling exhausted, try a few of the above ideas and you will likely be successful in your search for the energy that will help you get through the day with vigor and a much-needed boost.

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