What Could be Causing Your Low Self-Esteem

Do you ever feel like everyone else is living their dream life while you are sitting on the sidelines? Do you ever feel like you’d like to get in the game, but something is holding you back? Sometimes there are reasons why these negative thoughts are so difficult to get rid of.

Here are 7 Helpful Hints on what could be causing your low self-esteem.

Keep in mind that all of these obstacles can be overcome. Take these negatives and turn them around for a better future!

You don’t think you have achieved anything worthwhile.

Everyone has accomplished something, and in most cases, you have many more impressive achievements to be proud of than you may remember. List all of the things you have achieved in your life, refer to this list, and you may just realize you do have abilities and talents.

You suffer from the disapproval of authority figures.

If a parent, teacher or boss constantly puts you down, it can be difficult to believe in yourself. Understand that person’s actions are usually due to their inabilities and weaknesses, rather than yours.

You compare yourself to others.

This is a no-win scenario. With billions of people on the planet, there are going to always be people who are higher achievers than you. When you compare yourself to others, you limit what you can become.

Bullies are holding you back.

Bullying exists, and not just on the schoolyard. Even adults suffer from bullies. If your significant other, coworker or next-door neighbor is an abusive bully, either physically or emotionally so, take steps to get that person out of your life. He or she is miserable, scared, controlling and weak, and the more time you spend in that type of company, the worse off your self-confidence will be.

You see no rewards for your actions.

Maybe you have tried to build your self-confidence. You have confidently tried to tackle situations, challenges and individuals that are holding you back. Alas, you have seen no significant change. Don’t give up. Keep pushing. Every failure or setback moves you closer to success.

You feel overwhelmed.

If you are a student, a single parent, a corporate ladder climber or just about anyone else, life can get overwhelming at times. When you give into a sense of being “in over your head”, you stop believing in yourself.

Past trauma occupies your thoughts.

Physical and emotional trauma can present you with a situation you just don’t think you can recover from. Take baby steps. Identify opportunities for small wins. Congratulate yourself for small victories, and you will slowly build your confidence.

Change your thinking, and you can change your circumstances. Your past is finished. Your better life begins today!

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