Using Mindfulness to Lose Weight

If you are looking for help with weight management, using mindfulness to lose weight can be a powerful strategy. Some people eat without even realizing what it is that they’re doing. They check or zone out while eating.

This is why you can reach the bottom of a bowl and be surprised to find that all of the food is gone. You don’t even remember eating it all. The problem with eating to feel better about stress or not paying attention when eating is that it can cause weight gain.

Mindful eating can help you be fully present every time you eat. When you’re fully present, this can stop the cycle of eating without realizing what it is you’re even doing. Anyone can practice mindful eating that can help you get rid of unwanted pounds or manage it if you don’t want to gain.

Even if you have health problems that make it difficult to lose weight, mindfulness has been shown to be helpful with losing weight and maintaining that loss. When you practice mindfulness, it causes you to be conscious of the food that you eat.

7 Helpful Hints on Using Mindfulness to Lose Weight

1 – Pay attention to what you’re eating.

From the beginning of the meal to the end, you recognize and experience each bite. This practice can also be applied to when you have snacks – which is an eating habit that causes many people to gain extra pounds.

2 – Eat more slowly.

When you practice mindful eating, it causes you to take your time and enjoy the food that you’re eating. When you eat slowly, this gives your brain time to register that your stomach is full so you eat less, too.

3 – Don’t multi-task while eating.

Don’t eat while you’re working or driving or watching television. When your mind is otherwise occupied, you can’t focus on the enjoyment of the eating. Some mindful exercises can help you lose weight and keep your weight managed.

4 – Savor each bite.

When you eat, pay attention to how the food tastes. Concentrate on how the flavors of the food stand out separately rather than as a whole. Become aware of the spicy taste or the sharp flavor.

5 – Notice the texture of your food.

Enjoy the feeling of the food, the shape of it and notice whether it’s solid or soft. As you eat, relax your mind and body. Keep your thoughts focused only on the eating and nothing else.

6 – Get out of your rut.

If you’ve always eaten a certain way such as sitting in a specific chair or using the same dinnerware change it up and use something different. Sit in a different chair. Face a different direction. Use your opposite hand instead of the one that you always use.

7 – Enjoy smaller bites

You can practice mindful eating by having a small piece of chocolate or a raisin. Pop the bite into your mouth and become aware of the texture of the bite, of the sensations that cross your taste buds.

By becoming aware of food, you can eliminate the kind of rushed eating and overeating that leads to weight control issues.

Using mindfulness to lose weight could very well be the key to a healthier you!

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