Quality Time with Your Children

Making the Most of Your Time with Your Children

Parents of young children are busy people. With the demands of earning a living on top of all the many tasks that are part of raising kids, how can you manage make the most of the time you have to spend together?

Here are some helpful hints on how to have quality time with your children.

Helpful Hints on Quality Time with Your Children

1) Discuss their day – Kids normally spend six or more hours of the day away at school. Ask them how they did, what they accomplished, if they have homework and more. Don’t be afraid to ask more than one question, especially if you are used to getting one-word answers.

Keep in mind that children also need to decompress after a hard day of learning. While your bubbly extroverts might be eager to tell you all about their day, your introverted child might need a few minutes of quiet time before he or she is ready to talk. Respect your child’s personality.

2) Bond over a shared activity – Young kids are very visual learners. Choose an activity that not only teaches them something but also gives you time to actually communicate with one another. Consider cooking with your child one night a week or engaging in a hobby together.

Be sure to include some outdoor time in your plans. Being out in nature is therapeutic for everyone, but especially for children.

Boys especially need this kind of active bonding time. Find something you enjoy doing together.

3) Ask about them – Find out what personality your child is forming as they get older. Find out what they are interested in, their likes and dislikes and their dreams.

Be sure to withhold judgement and let them have the floor. You don’t want to shut them down by being overly critical.

4) Discuss family matters – It is not uncommon for parents to walk around the house as if they are the only two there. Kids can go unnoticed except for the fulfillment of their needs. Hold a family meeting and let everyone talk.

Also, talk about finances, household chores, expectations and the like. Get kids involved in the running of the household. It gives them a realistic outlook on life and lets them know that they are valued and that their thoughts matter.

5) Develop family rituals – Most families have their own rituals around holiday time, but what about the rest of the year? Discover your family’s quirkiness and celebrate it on a regular basis.

6) Tell your children about your past – Kids want to know about their family history. Telling them stories about your childhood and about their parents and grandparents can be great way to form a bond with your children.

7) Dream about the future – Build dreams of a better future for your children. Find out what fears they might have and help them find ways to overcome them.

Brainstorm about possible career choices and let them know and feel their strengths. Affirm their abilities and nurture hope.

While it is definitely a cliché, children really do grow up quickly. Make the most of these brief years by spending quality time with your children.

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