How to Use Light for More Energy

Are you looking for a way to boost your energy levels and to start feeling more lively and productive again? There are a number of different strategies you might have tried but here’s one that’s a little different: manipulating the amount of light you’re exposed to.

Ways to Manipulate Light In Order to Feel More Energized

This surprising method can actually be highly effective in helping you to feel more alert throughout the day and while it might sound strange it all makes perfect sense once you understand the science behind it…

7 Helpful Hints on How to Use Light for More Energy

1) Understand How Light Affects Your Energy Levels
The thing to understand here is that the amount of light and type of light you’re exposed to can directly influence your energy levels. This is because our bodies use the light around us in order to ascertain what time of day it is and thus whether we should be just waking up, or winding down ready for bed.

So in the evening, as the light gets slightly more infrared and sparing, our body begins to produce melatonin to get us ready to sleep. On the other hand, in the morning our body will begin to produce more cortisol in response to the bright light that we see. This is the ‘stress hormone’ but it’s also actually a very useful substance when it comes to feeling alert and ‘switched on’.

2) Stop Working Against the Daily Rhythm of Light and Dark
Unfortunately though, these days we generally aren’t exposed to the right amount or type of light at the right times. Computer screens you see create light of a similar wavelength to the sun which makes us feel awake when we should be just falling asleep. Then, in the morning when we’re supposed to wake up, the fact that we’re indoors means we aren’t bathed in that revitalizing and rejuvenating sunlight.

So what can you do?

3) Manipulate Light to Mimic Natural Cycles
We need to consciously work at returning the the natural cycle of bright mornings and darker evenings. Increasing the amount of light you experience in the early morning can energize you to face the new day.

Similarly, being mindful about lowering the levels on light in the evenings can ease your body into a restful, restorative sleep that will prepare you for a super productive day the following morning.

Manipulate light for more energy and get your self off to a better start every day.

4) Use a Daylight Alarm Clock
One helpful option is to invest in a daylight lamp/alarm clock. These include devices like the Lumie products, which work by emitting a light that is a similar wavelength to that produced by the sun. These get gradually brighter in the morning meaning that as far as your body is concerned, it’s like waking up to a gradual sunrise.

5) Take Advantage of Natural and Artificial Light
Try to spend your early morning time in natural light whenever possible. Enjoy your early morning coffee outside on the deck or balcony. Sit outside or next to a window as much as you can in the daytime.

In the winter time, start your day in a well lit area, sitting under a lamp if possible. There are wonderful lights available that mimic sunshine. Full spectrum light will not only energize, but also keep you from sliding into the winter depression of Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.).

6) Lower Light Levels in the Evening
Meanwhile, in the evenings you should make sure to block out all external light in your rooms and this goes absolutely doubly for any LED lights.

The place where you sleep should be as dark as you can make it. This tells your body that it is night and time to sleep. Remember, our ancestors didn’t have access to any artificial light sources.

7) Block Energizing Blue Light with Special Glasses
Better yet, if you decide to play computer games or watch TV in the evenings, try throwing on some ‘blue blocking’ shades that will block out the cortisol-triggering blue light from the spectrum!

These simple tricks can have a very big difference on your energy levels, so give them a try! It is easy to use light for more energy and a happier, more productive life.

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