Benefits of Having a Credit Card

What Can a Credit Card Do for Consumers?

There are many great benefits of having a credit card. Trying to get around without a credit card is like going to work without the briefcase that has the new client proposal – it’s a losing proposition. Even if you aren’t much of a spender, you still need a credit card to handle routine tasks.

7 Helpful Hints on the Benefits of Having a Credit Card

1 – Hotel Reservations
Want to book a hotel? You have to give a credit card number to the reservations clerk. Need an airline ticket? You need a credit card to pay for the ticket if you buy online or by phone.

2 – Car Rental
Try to rent a car at your destination without a credit card. Better have taxi money – because you aren’t driving away in a rental car without presenting a valid credit card. Credit is a fact of modern living.

3 – Protection Against Theft
Even if you have cash to spare, you need that credit card for the reasons mentioned and even more. A credit card is safer than cash. Let’s say you’re traveling and your purse or wallet is stolen. Say goodbye to that roll of cash.

If the thief is caught, your cash won’t be anywhere in sight. Now if you were counting on a credit card to fund your trip and it was stolen, you may be inconvenienced, but financially you’ll be protected.

A quick phone call to your credit card company and your account is frozen. Any charges made by the thief will be halted and if any charges were made before you were able to call and report the theft, you won’t have to pay for them. This is why experienced travelers would rather rely on credit cards than cash.

4 – Online Shopping
For online shopping, a credit card is ideal. Look for the secure shopping symbol on the website, then you can confidently enter your credit card number for payment. You can also link your bank account with your credit card for easy transfer of funds when you’re out of town or just too busy to leave your office and stand in line at the local bank branch.

5 – Quick Pay Options
Want to dash in and out of the gas station during the morning commute? Just swipe your credit card to pay at the pump. You’ll really appreciate this convenience when you’re in a hurry or the weather is so rotten that you don’t want to get rain soaked running into the store to pay.

6 – Loyalty Plans
If you frequent that gas station, you might want to get a gas credit card from that particular brand. Extra savings or additional gas might be offered as a reward for gas card purchases on some credit cards.

7 – Building Credit History
While you enjoy the benefits of online shopping, rental cars, vacations or local shopping, you’re building a credit history. Responsible use and prompt monthly payment are important factors in raising your credit rating, which is so important for the major purchases like a home or car that you want in the future.

If you determine to manage your credit sensibly, the benefits of having a credit card far outweigh the pitfalls.

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